To Catch a Predator Quotes Part 2

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QuoteNameScreen name or Real name
Well she led me on a little tooo....Screen name
Hey girl!Real name
May I be released to the custody of my mother?Screen name
Look, I don't know what kinda wrap ya'll got on people....Screen name
Am I under arrest?Real name
I'm not interested in getting into any ffffurther troubleReal name
What's wrong with that??Real name
Fellatio...Real name
I can tell you're a therapist!Real name
Where are you?!Real name
13?? No!Screen name
Can we just go upstairs?Real name
I think I'm gonna go....cuz you're underageScreen name
I am past that stage sir...Screen name
I think we're both gonna be under arrest....Screen name
QuoteNameScreen name or Real name
hwhat??Screen name
I gotta go to the bathroom...Real name
16 in my area, and it was a guy...who had a big laugh on meReal name
I thought I was looking for someone...and that's all...Real name
I brought you a quesadillaScreen name
I brought you a hamburgahScreen name
I don't know.....hwhy...Screen name
I must warn you, I'm kind of big down thereReal name
This is punch, right?Real name
My life's done, their coming to arrest me now!Real name
Well outside of starting a friendship...Real name
I just came to get something to eat!Real name
San Francisco....Screen name
The thing with onine chats is that they're....fantagiousScreen name
I wasn't anything or anything!Screen name

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