North Korea or South Korea?

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PlaceNorth Korea or South Korea
Pyeonggang (Pyonggang) 평강
Muncheon (Munch'on) 문천
Mount Baekdu (Mount Paektu) 백두산
Jeju (Cheju) 제주
Muan (Muan) 무안
Raseon (Rason) 라선
Geumgangsan (Kumgangsan) 금강산
Wonsan (Wonsan) 원산
Ansan (Ansan) 안산
Goyang (Koyang) 고양
Masan (Masan) 마산
Gaeseong (Kaesong) 개성
Ulsan (Ulsan) 울산
Pyeongyang (Pyongyang) 평앙
PlaceNorth Korea or South Korea
Chuncheon (Ch'unch'on) 춘천
Gyeonggi (Kyonggi) Province
Onseong (Onsong) 온성
Sariwon (Sariwon) 사리원
Ryanggang Province
Nampo (Namp'o) 남포
Gimchaek (Kimch'aek) 김책
Paju (Paju) 파주
Gongju (Kongju) 공주
Cheongju (Ch'ongju) 청주
Pyeongchang (Pyongch'ang) 평창
Daejeon (Taejon) 대전
Sineuiju (Sinuiju) 신의주
Nakdong River (Rakdong River) 낙동강

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