UK Prime Ministers:Conservative or Not?

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Can you name the Prime Ministers of the UK since December 10th 1834 from whether they are Conservative or not?

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Prime MinisterConservative or Not?
Archibald Primrose (5th Earl of Rosebury)
Clement Attlee
Sir Anthony Eden
Henry John Temple (3rd Viscount of Palmerston)
Robert Gascoyne-Cecil (3rd Marquess of Salisbury)
Lord John Russell
Margaret Thatcher
Edward Heath
Ramsey MacDonald
David Cameron
Neville Chamberlain
James Callaghan
David Lloyd George
Tony Blair
George Hamilton-Gordon (4th Earl of Aberdeen)
Gordon Brown
Prime MinisterConservative or Not?
Edward Smith-Stanley (14th Earl of Derby)
William Lamb (2nd Viscount Melbourne)
Stanley Baldwin
Sir Alec Douglas-Home
Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman
Sir Robert Peel
Harold Macmillan
Benjamin Disraeli
Arthur Balfour
John Major
Winston Churchill
Harold Wilson
William Gladstone
Andrew Bonar Law
Herbert Asquith

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