Can you name the rulers of Germany since 1871?

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Can you name the rulers of Germany since 1871?

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YearRulerParty (from 1918 onwards)
1918-1925Socialist Democratic Party (SPD)
1934-1945Nazi (NSDAP)
1945 (disputed)None
1949-1963 (West Germany)Christian Democratic Union (CDU)
1946-1950 (East Germany)Socialist Unity Party (SED)
1950-1971 (East Germany)Socialist Unity Party (SED)
1963-1966 (West Germany)Christian Democratic Union (CDU)
YearRulerParty (from 1918 onwards)
1966-1969 (West Germany)Christian Democratic Union (CDU)
1969-1974 (West Germany)Socialist Democratic Party (SPD)
1971-1989 (East Germany)Socialist Unity Party (SED)
1974-1982 (West Germany)Socialist Democratic Party (SPD)
1982-1990 (West Germany)Christian Democratic Union (CDU)
1989 (East Germany)Socialist Unity Party (SED)
1989-1990 (East Germany)Socialist Unity Party (SED)
1990-1998Christian Democratic Union (CDU)
1998-2005Socialist Democratic Party (SPD)
2005-Christian Democratic Union (CDU)

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