Best Twilight Zone Episodes

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Can you name the best twilight zone episodes according to Listverse?

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1Not beautiful/ Pig noses
2Home town, not the same
3Little aliens/ US Airforce
4No power/ Whos an alien
5Wants to read/ Now he can
6Brink of madness
7Nervous breakdown/ Airplane wing
8Plastic surgery/ Tries to stay ugly
9Evil little boy
10Hanging/ Total darkness
11Toy phone/ Dead grandma
12Civil war ghosts
13Mom murdered/ Vision from past
14Double of lady in different dimension
15Pilots dissapear, never existed
16Robot companions/ Try to dismantle
17Devil locked up/ Howls
18Hunter visits grave of man he killed
19Fallout shelter/ Not enough room for neighbors too
20Always talking/ Bet he can't stop

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