Cancer subtype by antibody grouping

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Can you name the cancer subtype by antibody grouping?

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Antibody trioCancer subtype
EMA, CD44, Thrombomodulin
CD10, CD23, CD45
CD61, Spectrin, Myeloperoxidase
PGP9.5, Insulin, Chromogranin A
SM Actin, Fli-1, MS Actin
Cytokeratin 34betaE12, Cytokeratin 14, Cytokeratin 8
CD71, CD117, Lysozyme
CD56, Glucagon, Somatostatin
KBA.62, Tyrosinase, MiTF
BG8, p504s, E-cadherin
S-100, MART-1, HMB45
Antibody trioCancer subtype
CD5, CD20, CD43
CD56, OSCAR, Glypican-3
HHV-8, CD31, Factor VIII
ZAP-70, ALK protein, bcl2
Cytokeratin 5, p120 catenin, CA125
TdT, Bob.1, OCT2
CD30, p57, OCT4
Hemoglobin A, TRAcP, CD34
CDX2, Villin, MOC-31
Myogenin, CD99, Caldesmon
CD7, CD4, TCL1

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