Warcraft III/Frozen Throne Unit Phrases

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Can you name the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne units that said these phrases?

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'What needs revealing?'
'Something need doing?'
'It's Hammer Time!'
'The shadows beckon.'
'Tremble before me!'
'The sleeper has awakened.'
'What, mortal?'
'Are there demons nearby?'
'Start running!'
'End my torment!'
'I am sworn to Ner'Zhul.'
'Have you reached a verdict?'
'Be quick. Time is mana.'
'Wrecking crew here.'
'Vengeance for Zul'Jin!'
'Warriors of the night, assemble!'
'I'll consume the living and the dead.'
'Is trouble brewing?'
'Locked and loaded.'

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