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ClueBacteriaExtra Info
Gram-Positive Rod, Pleiomorphic
No peptidoglycan cell wall
Gram-Positive Rod, Anaerobic or Facultative, Filamentous
Gram-Negative Rod, Aerobic, causes Legionnaire's Disease
Gram-Positive Rod, Endospore forming, Anaerobic
Gram-Negative Spirochete
Gram-Negative Rod, Facultative Anaerobe, Oxidase-negative, Glucose Fermenter
Gram-Positive Rod, Endospore forming, Aerobic
Gram-Negative Rod, Anaerobic, Part of normal flora, Opportunistic
Gram-Negative Rod, Aerobic or Microaerophilic
Gram-Negative Rod, Aerobic, Oxidase-positive, Non-fermenting
ClueBacteriaExtra Info
Partially Acid-Fast, Aerobic, Filamentous
Gram-Negative Cocci, Oxidase-positive
Gram-Negative Rod, Facultative Anaerobe, Curved rod
Gram-Negative Coccobacilli, Pleiomorphic
Gram-Positive Rod, Regular shape
Gram-Negative Coccobacilli, Aerobic
Gram-Positive Cocci, Catalase-positive
Acid-Fast Rod
Gram-Negative, Obligate Intracellular Pathogen
Gram-Positive Cocci, Catalase-negative

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