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Interstitial fluid in a 60kg man (litres)
Normal Hb concentration (g/litre of blood)
Capillary Length (micrometers)
ECF Sodium in Squid (mM)
Capillary diameter (micrometers)
Unstressed Volume as % of resting volume
ECF Potassium in Humans (mM)
CO (litres/min)
Normal Plasma bicarbonate (mM)
Normal Plasma Chloride (mM)
Unstressed volume in a 70kg male (ml)
How long does glucose take to diffuse 1cm? (in hours)
Blood Volume (ml/kg body weight)
ECF Calcium Concentration (mM)
ECF Sodium in Frogs (mM)
Stroke Volume (ml/beat)
Width of synaptic cleft (nm)
How much of the blood volume does the heart contain (%)
Atrial contraction increases ventricular filling by at least.. (%)
CO (ml/kg body weight)
Amount of Na which crosses 1cm^2 during AP
ECF Sodium in Mammals (mM)

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