2011 First Rounders (Big 4 U.S. Sports)

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Can you name the players taken in the first round of the drafts of the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL?

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Pirates (UCLA) 
Mariners (Virginia) 
Diamondbacks (UCLA) 
Orioles (High School) 
Royals (High School) 
Nationals (Rice) 
Diamondbacks (High School) 
Indians (High School) 
Cubs (High School) 
Padres (Indian River State College (FL)) 
Astros (Connecticut) 
Brewers (Texas) 
Mets (High School) 
Marlins (High School) 
Brewers (Georgia Tech) 
Dodgers (Stanford) 
Angels (Utah) 
Athletics (Vanderbilt) 
Red Sox (Connecticut) 
Rockies (Oregon) 
Blue Jays (High School) 
Cardinals (Hawaii) 
Nationals (Kentucky) 
Rays (High School) 
Padres (High School) 
Red Sox (High School) 
Reds (High School) 
Braves (Florida State) 
Giants (St. John's) 
Twins (North Carolina) 
Rays (LSU) 
Rays (High School) 
Rangers (High School) 
Cavaliers (Duke) 
Timberwolves (Arizona) 
Jazz (Kentucky) 
Cavaliers (Texas) 
Raptors (Lithuania) 
Wizards (Serbia) 
Kings (Spain) 
Pistons (Kentucky) 
Bobcats (Connecticut) 
Bucks (BYU) 
Warriors (Washington State) 
Jazz (Colorado) 
Suns (Kansas) 
Rockets (Kansas) 
Pacers (San Diego State) 
76ers (USC) 
Knicks (Georgia Tech) 
Wizards (Florida State) 
Bobcats (Tennessee) 
Timberwolves (Italy) 
Trail Blazers (Duke) 
Nuggets (Morehead State) 
Rockets (Spain) 
Thunder (Boston College) 
Celtics (Providence) 
Mavericks (Texas) 
Nets (Purdue) 
Bulls (Cleveland) 
Spurs (Texas) 
Bulls (Marquette) 
Panthers (Auburn) 
Broncos (Texas A&M) 
Bills (Alabama) 
Bengals (Georgia) 
Cardinals (LSU) 
Falcons (Alabama) 
49ers (Missouri) 
Titans (Washington) 
Cowboys (USC) 
Jaguars (Missouri) 
Texans (Wisconsin) 
Vikings (Florida State) 
Lions (Auburn) 
Rams (North Carolina) 
Dolphins (Florida) 
Redskins (Purdue) 
Patriots (Colorado) 
Chargers (Illinois) 
Giants (Nebraska) 
Buccaneers (Iowa) 
Browns (Baylor) 
Colts (Boston College) 
Eagles (Baylor) 
Saints (California) 
Seahawks (Alabama) 
Chiefs (Pittsburgh) 
Ravens (Colorado) 
Saints (Alabama) 
Bears (Wisconsin) 
Jets (Temple) 
Steelers (Ohio State) 
Packers (Mississippi State) 
Oilers (Alberta) 
Avalanche (Ontario) 
Panthers (New Brunswick) 
Devils (Sweden) 
Islanders (Ontario) 
Senators (Sweden) 
Jets (Ontario) 
Flyers (Quebec) 
Bruins (Ontario) 
Wild (Sweden) 
Avalanche (Saskatchewan) 
Hurricanes (Ontario) 
Flames (Oregon) 
Stars (Northeastern) 
Rangers (USA Nat'l) 
Sabres (Finland) 
Canadiens (Quebec) 
Blackhawks (Saskatchewan) 
Oilers (Sweden) 
Coyotes (USA Nat'l) 
Senators (Michigan) 
Maple Leafs (USA Nat'l) 
Penguins (Oregon) 
Senators (Ontario) 
Maple Leafs (Ontario) 
Blackhawks (Quebec) 
Lightning (Ontario) 
Wild (Quebec) 
Canucks (Ontario) 
Ducks (Michigan) 

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