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DefinitionsID Terms
Voyage slaves took to the New World
Pesant agricultural force. Largely in Russia.
Dutch settlers in South Africa
African empire, gained power from guns. Starts with A
Lord and Protector of England. Winner of English Civil War
Chinese way to keep a woman down
Chinese explorer
No government involvement in the economy
Intellectual movement based in Northern Italy
Life, Liberty, Property
Kicked the Mongols out of Russia
Tried to Westernize Russia. Was really tall
Chinese dnynasty led by Manchus
Sailed the Ocean Blue in 1492.
Example of syncretic architecture in India
Land and Indian labor grants in New World
Chinese dynasty who overthrows the Mongols
Christian born fighers for the Ottomans (singular)
DefinitionsID Terms
Unified Japan
Protestant. Believed in Predestination
Founder of Mughal Dynasty
Movement of living things between Old and New World
What the Ottomans took over in 1453
African empire gained power through slave trade (starts with D)
Created Din-i-Ilahi
Circumnavigated the World.
First European in India
Rennaissance Man
Iberian born people in New World
Intellectual movement based in cafe in Paris and Bars in England
Government involvement in economy to insure trade surplus
Europeans born in the Americas
Hated Indulgences
New Japanese Capital
Russian Leader. Killed the Boyars

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