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NHL TeamsPlayer NameTotal Points
Edm, LA, Stl, NYR2,857
Edm, NYR, Van1,887
Det, Har1,850
Har, Pit, Car, Tor1,798
Det, LA, NYR1,771
Pit, Was, NYR1,599
Chi, Bos, NYR1,590
Bos, Col1,579
Edm, Pit, LA, Det, Har, Phi, Chi, Car, Bos1,531
Pit, Phi, Mon, Car, Atl, TB, Bos1,457
NYI, Pit1,425
Det, Stl, Bos, Was, Phi, Ana, Edm1,420
Stl, Cal, Tor, NJ, Chi, Buf, Mon1,414
Win, Buf, Stl, Phi1,409
Edm, LA, NYR, Ana, Col1,398
LA, Pit, NYR, Det1,394
Cal, Stl, Dal, Det, Pho1,391
Det, Bos1,369
NJ, Stl, Har, Det, NYR1,354
Mon, NYR, Que1,353
Que, Tor, Van1,349
NHL TeamsPlayer NameTotal Points
Buf, Tor, NJ, Bos, Col, TB1,338
Chi, Mon, TB1,338
Was, Min (North Stars), NYR, Tor, Pho1,335
Buf, NYI, Mon, Stl, Dal, Col1,327
Cal, Stl1,274
NYR, Bos1,267
Que, NJ, Stl1,239
Win, Ana, SJ, Col1,233
Buf, Win, Stl, Cal, NJ, Was, Chi, Tor1,232
Det, Tor1,229
Chi, Pho, Phi, LA, SJ1,216
LA, Was, Min (North Stars), Pit, Tor, Det1,216
LA, NYR, Edm, NJ, Chi, SJ1,209
Tor, Edm, Mon, SJ1,205
Min (North Stars), Was, Det, TB, Fla1,200
Det, Ana, CBJ, Was1,179
Stl, Phi, Car1,173
Chi, Win, Har1,170
Que, Chi1,152
Stl, Det1,130
NHL TeamsPlayer NameTotal Points
Cal, Dal, Nj, Tor, Fla1,126
Tor, Phi, Det1,121
Tor, Det, Mon1,103
Edm, Tor, NYR, Stl1,099
Cal, Col, NYR, Chi1,088
NJ, Har, NYR, Dal, Det1,063
Stl, Cal, Pit, Bos1,063
Win/Pho, Stl, Atl1,048
Min (North Stars), Mon1,036
Buf, Van, NJ, Tor1,032
NYR, Tor, Bos1,028
Min (North Stars), Mon, TB, Ana, Was1,022
Que, Was, Col1,020
NYI, Buf, NYR1,013
NYR, Edm, Stl, Car, Ana, NYI1,013
Chi, NYR1,012
Tor, Col (Rockies), Cal1,006
Phi, Bos, Min (North Stars), Har1,004

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