Candy Puns in Holy Musical B@man!

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Can you name the Candy Puns in Holy Musical B@man!?

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Looks like you guys are up to your old ___!
The Joker was a ___!
Yes, it's been quite a ___, hasn't it?
Alright, what are you all planning to do this time? Kidnap the mayor and ransom him off for ___?
Yes, yes, yes. Now quit you're ___ing,
(continued) you ___!
And if we ever want it to be ___...
See, divided we rogues are just ___,
(contined) but together we pack a ___!
Sorry, Batman, but I'm no ___!
___ good plan!
Oh, aren't you a ___?
My ___ wonder...
Oh, you're not going anywhere, Ms Dawes. ___!
Hand me my ___!
She's my little ___!
Yeah...and he's my ___!
It felt like...a ___.
Should we kill him ___?
I have plans for this little ___!
___, boys!
Candy, be a ___...
It's gonna be a ___ in the old town tonight!
He risks his life trying to be Robin's ___...
I've devised a little...mmm...oh, ___!
My nuclear ___!
Oh, it's going to be quite the ___!
Oh, ___ me this.
..and shows up at Gotham Square to save his little ___!
That's the sound of chaos, ___!
Hey, hey! What are these little ___?
Oops! ___!
Now he's ___!
I'm gonna ___ you in two!
Oh, come on, Batman! Gimme a ___! (slogan)
I've got one last treat for you, Batman! And It's a real ___!

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