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ClueAnswerWho said this?
What did Jimmy protest?Louis
Holmes chapel is quite what?Harry
'And as for you stop having _____ ____'Louis
What is antidisestablishmentarianism followed by?Harry
Outside which shop did a girl try to slip her phone into Harry's pocket?Liam
I would marry... (according to video diary week 9)Zayn
I would marry... (video diary week 9)Harry
I would marry... (video diary week 9)Niall
I would marry... (video diary week 9)Liam
I would marry... (video diary week 9)Louis
ClueAnswerWho said this?
Translate the following... 'What is happening girls?'Zayn
My favourite is Westlife.... why?Niall
Why does Louis want to be Susan Boyle?Louis
What's happened to Liam's turtles?Liam
I like girls who like...Louis
How does Harry describe Louis' chat up line?Harry
What is Zayn's response to Liam's superpower 'I'd be invisible'?Zayn
What would Liam be doing if he wasn't on the X Factor?Liam
Who is the best member of one direction?Me

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