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Opening LyricSong NameArtist
I am [song title]/Has he lost his mind?Black Sabbath
Aww ****/Get your towels it's about to go downLonely Island
All the leaves are brown and the sky is grayThe Mamas & the Papas
[song title] tonight/Share the spice of lifeEarth, Wind & Fire
I once had a girl/Or should I say she once had meThe Beatles
Traveling in a fried-out combieMen at Work
She eyes me like a Pisces when I am weakNirvana
His palms are heavy, knees weak, arms are heavyEminem
Like walking into a dream, so unlike what you've seenAvenged Sevenfold
Little girl, little girl/Why are you crying?Green Day
I have climbed highest mountainsU2
My my, hey hey/Rock and roll is here to stayNeil Young
Run, run, run, run, run, run, run, runPink Floyd
Perfect by nature/Icons of self indulgenceEvanescence
We roll tonight (We're on tonight)/To the guitar biteAC/DC
Passing by you light up my darkest skiesMuse
Generals gathered in their massesBlack Sabbath
Ooh you make me live/Whatever this world can give to meQueen
Another turning point/A fork stuck in the roadGreen Day
You are my love and my life/You are my inspirationChicago
Let's dance in style, let's dance for a whileAlphaville
I died, so many years ago/But you can make me feel like it isn't soJames Marsters
We were both young, when I first saw youDave Days
This is a song for the ladies/But fellas listen closelyTenacious D
This is the greatest and best song in the world...[song title]Tenacious D
Opening LyricSong NameArtist
[song title] was in my brain/Lately things don't seem the sameJimi Hendrix
Hello/Is there anybody in there?Pink Floyd
Saturday night and you're still hangin' aroundBilly Joel
Night and the spirit of life calling/Oh, oh, iyo mamela oh, oh iyoLebo M
I linger in the doorway/of alarm clock screamingEvanescence
Hey fellas, have you heard the news? You know that Annie's back in town?Led Zeppelin
I read the news today oh boyThe Beatles
I was down at the New Amsterdam staring at this yellow-haired girlCounting Crows
I'm gonna make you bend and breakFall Out Boy
Jump back, what's that sound?/Here she comes, full blast and top downVan Halen
All day staring at the ceiling/Making friends with shadows on my wallMatchbox 20
Maybe I don't really want to know/How your garden growsOasis
I remember every little thing/As if it happened only yesterdayMeat Loaf
She puts her makeup on/Like graffiti on the walls of the heartlandGreen Day
Go ahead as you waste your head with thinkingThe All-American Rejects
Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutesRENT Cast
I've got a really bad disease/It's got me begging on my hands and kneesGreen Day
[song title] I'm gonna find yaBlondie
Where it began/I can't begin to knowin'Neil Diamond
Can't get the words out of my mouth/That little feeling everyone talks aboutDave Days ft. Kimmi Smiles
In the day we sweat it out on the streets of a runaway American dreamBruce Springsteen
When I was a young boy/My father took me into the cityMy Chemical Romance
Close your eyes and I'll kiss you/Tomorrow I'll miss youThe Beatles
Imagine in your mind a posh country clubLonely Island
This is more than a typical kind of thingKarmin

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