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Can you name the seven-letter words with 'oo' in them??

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Miniature, Toy, etc.
You might watch one of these on a Saturday morning.
To be stunned or overwhelmed.
Shacking up with someone in a college dorm.
You might buy a Razor brand of this.
Often accompanies rioting.
A cyclone in the northwest Pacific Ocean.
African or Arabian old world monkeys.
Went through someone's personal property without permission.
A botched play in sports might be referred to as this.
A police officer often referred to as a 'Statie.'
Weaving cloth.
Double-checked for spelling and grammar errors.
Party spoilers.
Elementary, Jr. High, etc.
Perfect complements to milk.
A military unit.
Slip on a wet floor and you might lose this.
Slang term for people who accept bets on sporting or other events.
Having a period of great prosperity or rapid economic growth.
Wild west watering holes.
Ramen makes a tasty cup of these.
Sometimes rabid, 'masked' creature.
You could take out a large sea creature with this.
Miscellaneous drawings.
To swell up, or something you might receive on your birthday.
Wealthy business magnates.
An infant might wear a pair of these to keep their feet warm.
Unnamed gadgets or trinkets.
Cheering on the home team.

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