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How to Play Forced Order
Character NameMovieActor/Actress
Kyle Reese
Dr. Stuart Price
Rachel Jansen
John McClane
George Bailey
Tyler Durden
Truman Burbank
Carrie Bradshaw
Stanley Ipkiss
Claire Cleary
Billy Costigan
Sydney Prescott
Mark Zuckerberg
Frances 'Baby' Houseman
Miranda Hillard
Pam Byrnes Focker
Herman Boone
Gordon Bombay
Gloria Mundy
Michael Corleone
Rose DeWitt Bukater
Dr. Peter Venkman
Kevin McCallister
Vivian Ward
Oskar Schindler
Character NameMovieActor/Actress
Sydney Fife
Detective James Carter
Rick 'The Wild Thing' Vaughn
Cole Sear
Leigh Anne Touhy
Brian Fantana
Sonny Koufax
Allie Calhoun
Norman Bates
Chief John Anderton
Matt Hooper
Lt. Dan
Peter Banning
Jamal Malik
Dr. Grace Augustine
Sloane Peterson
Elle Woods
Raymond Babbitt
Sally Albright
Elaine Dickinson
Ben Wrightman
Dr. Emmett Brown
Lt. Frank Drebin
Rev. Graham Hess
Lawrence Gordon

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