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Forced Order
Evolves byPokemon while holding a Protector.
...leveling up while holding a Razor Fang at night.
...exposure to Dawn Stone.
...exposure to Dusk Stone.
...leveling up near a Moss Rock. while holding a Reaper Cloth. while holding a Magmarizer.
...leveling up to level 55. while holding an Electirizer.
...leveling up while holding a Razor Claw at night..
...exposure to a Fire Stone.
...exposure to Sun Stone.
...leveling up while knowing Ancient Power.
...leveling up while knowing Mimic.
...evolving a Nincada into a Ninjask while both an unused Pokeball and an empty party slot are available.
...leveling up while a Remoraid is in the party. while holding a Metal Coat. while holding a King's Rock.
...exposure to Moon Stone.
...leveling up with sufficient beauty (gen. III-IV) or traded with a Prism Scale (gen. V).
Evolves byPokemon
...exposure to Shiny Stone. while holding a Deep Sea Tooth.
...leveling up with sufficient happiness at night.
...leveling up while knowing Double Hit.
...leveling up while holding an Oval Stone during the day. while holding an Upgrade.
...leveling up at Mt. Coronet or Chargestone Cave.
...leveling up to at least level 64. while holding Dragon Scale.
...exposure to Water Stone.
...leveling up with sufficient happiness at any time.
...leveling up with sufficient happiness at day. while holding a Dubious Disk. while holding a Deep Sea Scale.
...leveling up while knowing Rollout.
...exposure to Thunder Stone.
...leveling up to at least level 7.
...leveling up near an Ice Rock. for Shelmet.
...exposure to Leaf Stone. for Karrablast.

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