Minor Scrubs Characters

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Worthless Peon
Worthless Peon
Worthless Peon
He's Crazy
A Rapper
Jordan's Brother
The Janitors Friend Who Works in the Cafeteria
R. Lee Ermey
The Midget Janitor
Overly Touchy
Elliot's Sorority Sister
Possibly Killed His Wife
Hook Hand
Put Roofies in Dr. Cox's and Jordan's Drink
JD's Favorite Intern
Everyones Favorite Patient
He Got Fluid
JD's Dad
JD's Brother
Soldier Who Lost His Memory
Sporcle Five
Elliots Mentor
God Fearing
Elliots Ex-Boyfriend
Janitors Wife
Teds Girlfriend
JD's Baby Momma
Elliots exfiance
JD and Turks Dog
Replacement Dog
Dr. Cox's Son
Male Nurse
Delivery Man
Jordan's Sister

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