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Forced Order
Who was the first person to train Goku?
What happened to the moon during the World Martial Arts tournament?
Why does Yamcha want the dragon balls?
Who was the third 'person' to train Goku?
Who is the only woman to make it past the elimination round and uses her body as a distraction?
How long did it take Master Roshi to master the Kamehameha wave?
Who was the fourth person to train Goku?
What does Krillin give to the Turtle Hermit so that he can be trained?
Who made the first wish with the dragon balls?
Who is the first girl that Goku meets?
What was the Earth's Guardian's disguise name in the third WMAT?
What is the name of the master thief hired by the Red Ribbon Army?
Who takes Goku to the top of Korin's Tower after his battle with King Piccolo?
What is the Eternal Dragon's name?
Who won the first World Martial Arts Tournament that Goku enters?
Who won the third WMAT?
What villain has the power to turn anyone into a carrot by touching them?
Who was the second person to train Goku?
What was Piccolo's name in the WMAT?
What is the name of the attack that was used to try to capture Piccolo during the WMAT?
What is the name of Goku's weapon that he carries on his back?
What was the first wish with the dragon balls?
What was the name of the cloud that Master Roshi gave to Goku?
Why does Bulma want the dragon balls?
Where is the Power Pole placed so Goku can reach Kami's Lookout?
Who won the second WMAT?
How long did it take Master Roshi to get the sacred water?
Who was Goku preparing to fight after he got the sacred water?
What does Goku call his 4 star dragon ball?
What's the name of the Guardian of the Earth's assistant?

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