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Can you name the states where you are most likely to...?

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Most likely to...Percentage
Be obese32.6%
Graduate high school93.0% *
Drop out of high school45.0% *
Be employed96.8%
Be unemployed14.9%
Be Jewish9.1%
Be Catholic51.7%
Be a teen mom6.8%*
Have a bachelor's degree36.7%
Have a graduate degree15.7%
Have asthma (as an adult)16.2%
Smoke cigarettes26.5%
Attempt to quit smoking61.7%*
Be uninsured26.9%
Be insured94.5%
Most likely to...Percentage
Be 65 years old or older17.6%
Be 18 years old or younger31.0%
Be self employed11.8%
Be in the armed forces4.1%
Travel more than 90 minutes to work5.2%
Live in a mobile home19.1%
Be adopted4.1%*
Be a single parent30.0%
Be born outside the US37.3%
Be married57.8%
Be unmarried35.7%
Be divorced15.4%
Work for the government26.8%
Use cocaine3.52%
Be a twin4.0%*

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