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Can you name the desserts based on (some of) the ingredients??

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corn syrup, peanuts, sugarOther
milk, rice, sugarPudding/Custard
cocoa, buttermilk, red food coloringCake
cream of tartar, cinnamon, sugarCookie
ice cream, sponge cake, meringue Cake
chocolate, heavy cream (to be whipped), sugarPudding/Custard
lemon zest, confectioner's sugar, flour, sugarMisc. Pastry
semisweet chocolate chips, sugar, flourCookie
peaches, raspberry sauce, vanilla ice creamOther
cinnamon, grated carrots, pecansCake
choux dough, pastry cream, chocolate fondantMisc. Pastry
choux paste, whipped cream or pastry creamMisc. Pastry
bananas, vanilla ice cream, banana liqueur, rumOther
cream cheese, vanilla, cream of tartarCake
flour, sugar, whipping cream, strawberriesCake
lemon curd, meringue topping, shortbreadPie
rolled oats, raisins, sugarCookie
lady fingers, espresso or coffee flavored rum,egg yolks, mascarpone, cocoaCake
candied fruit, nuts, spirits, spicesCake
chocolate, vegetable oil, white chocolate, crushed candy canesOther
custard/cream, chocolate fondant, flour, sugarCake
custard base, caramel, vanillaPudding/Custard
tapioca, milk, vanilla beanPudding/Custard
shortening, milk, flaked coconut, coconut extractPie
phyllo dough, ground cinnamon, crumbled bread, fruitMisc. Pastry
bread, brown sugar, raisins, cinnamonPudding/Custard
condensed milk, bananas, vanilla wafer cookiesPudding/Custard
custard, fruit, sponge cake, whipped creamPudding/Custard
ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, molassesCookie
sugar, butter, vanilla extract, flourCookie
lemon zest, cinnamon, ground nuts, red currant or raspberry jamMisc. Pastry
lime juice, egg yolks, condensed milkPie
pecans, corn syrupPie
fried pastry dough, ricotta cheese, succadeMisc. Pastry
pecans, toasted coconut, chocolate fondant, flourCake
chocolate, marshmallow, graham crackersOther
cherries, liqueur, vanilla ice creamOther

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