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Mountain range of southern New Mexico and western Texas
Narrow inlet of the Pacific Ocean in southeast Alaska that contains 16 active glaciers
An estimated 500,000 square mile desert in central Asia
Palestinian-administered land along the Mediterranean coast
Huge gorge carved by the Colorado River in northwest Arizona, USA
Town in southern Pennsylvania, USA, and site of a major Union victory in the US Civil War
River of northern India and Bangladesh held sacred by followers of Hinduism
Largest of the Solomon Islands and site of a prolonged WWII battle
Northernmost region of biblical and modern Israel
Largest island in the world
Western African country. Accra is its capital.
Country located on the Balkan Peninsula of southeastern Europe
Group of volcanic islands lying along the Equator off the coast of mainland Ecuador
Largest city of Scotland and major port along the River Clyde
City near the Great Pyramids in Egypt
Ancient designation for the land south and west of the Rhine River, west of the Alps, and north of the Pyrenees
Archipelago of over 600 islands in the Windward Islands of the east Caribbean Sea
Inlet of the Caribbean Sea and site of a US naval base in Cuba
British overseas territory and famous 'Rock' on the Mediterranean coast of southern Spain.
Name of both a US state and a former Soviet Socialist Republic
Town in the Basque region of Spain destroyed by German planes during the Spanish Civil War
One of China's largest cities and a major deepwater port on the Pearl River Delta
Capital of Botswana
Third largest city in Ireland. Also the name of the county in which it is located.
Country of west-central Africa that achieved independence from France in 1960

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