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This mountain and volcano is the highest point in Japan
City in central Italy along the Arno River and home to Michelangelo's David
One of the United States
Largest city in North Dakota, USA. Also the name of a Coen brothers film.
Group of volcanic islands in the North Atlantic and autonomous province of Denmark
The Eiffel Tower's national home
British overseas territory in the South Atlantic Ocean with an economy based on sheep raising.
Sheikdom of the United Arab Emirates located on the Gulf of Oman
This Nordic country gained its independence from Russia in 1917
Capital and largest city of Sierra Leone
Historical region and former duchy of Italy in present-day northeast Italy and Slovenia
A term often used to describe the region of the Middle East from the Nile Valley to the Tigris & Euphrates Rivers
German city that serves as the seat of the European Central Bank
Inlet/bay of the Atlantic Ocean in southeastern Canada between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia
Alaska's second largest city
Overseas territory of France comprising 130 islands, including Tahiti

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