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Oregon's second largest city
Middle Eastern river that served as a major source of irrigation for the civilizations of ancient Mesopotamia
Major iron and steel center along the Ruhr River in western Germany
Small country on the western coast of central Africa
A former Soviet Socialist Republic
The territory of this country includes the Galapagos Islands
Former European country. Became a country after WWII and was occupied by Soviet forces.
Island in the Tyrrhenian Sea to which Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled
Mountain and highest point on Earth
Capital of Scotland, UK
Formerly the chief immigration station of the United States. It is located southwest of Manhattan.
Name for the subtropical swamp area and national park of southern Florida, USA
One of the five Great Lakes
Capital of Alberta, Canada
Arm of the Atlantic Ocean between southern England and France
Active volcano on the eastern coast of Siciliy, Italy
Landmass that covers 10.6% of the Earth's surface
Island in the south Pacific famous for its monolithic stone statues
Ancient and poetic name for Ireland
Eritrea gained its independence from this country in 1993

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