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Former country of central Europe, it split into two countries in 1993
Mountain range that extends from the Slovakia-Poland border to eastern Romania
Capital of West Virginia, USA
Lake in southwestern Oregon, USA, located in a volcanic crater.
Ancient Mayan city in Mexico's Yucatan
Peninsula of southeast Massachusetts, USA
District of western London, UK or a neighborhood in New York City
City in southeastern England. Chaucer wrote its tales.
Island of France in the Mediterranean Sea and Napoleon's birthplace
Mountainous region between the Black and Caspian seas
Small island nation in the Indian Ocean off the coast of southeast Africa
Group of limestone caverns in the Guadelupe Mountains of southeast New Mexico
Southwest arm of the Pacific Ocean located between Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Vanuatu
US city and home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Legislative capital of South Africa
Largest city of Morocco
Largest city of Alberta, Canada
Balkan country and former Yugoslav republic
City on the French Riviera and host of an international film festival
A narrow channel separating the North and South Islands of New Zealand
Largest landlocked body of water on earth
British-administered island group in the Caribbean Sea
Group of Spanish islands off the coast of northwest coast of Africa
Capital city of Moldova
Capital city of Egypt
Name of a city and county in southern Ireland. Also the name of the harbor on which the city lies.
The name of a city and state in northern Mexico along the US border
Abandoned city and site of a nuclear power plant accident in Ukraine
River that rises in the Rocky Mountains and shaped the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA
Capital of Denmark

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