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2nd largest city of New York, USA
Inlet of the Atlantic Ocean located between northeastern Canada and Greenland
Country located on the southeast corner of the Yucatan peninsula
Largest city in Maryland, USA
Volcanic island of French Polynesia and popular tourist destination
Borough of New York City located on western Long Island
Narrow stretch of water separating Alaska from the Siberian region of Russia
Largest city and capital of Germany
Island country in the Atlantic Ocean that is comprised of around 700 islands and islets
Capital city and federal district of Brazil
Landlocked country in western Africa
Peninsula of western Mexico
Autonomous and historic region of north Spain
Self-governing British colony located in the Atlantic Ocean
City located in eastern Australia and capital of Queensland
Mountainous region of southwest Germany between the Rhine and Neckar rivers
Constitutional monarchy and island country located in the Persian Gulf
Former Yugoslav republic
Country occupying the easternmost island of the West Indies
Capital of Kyrgyzstan
Capital of Iraq
Name often used to refer to the countries of Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia
An inland sea bordering Europe and Asia
Capital of Lebanon
Capital of Louisiana, USA
Capital of the Republic of the Congo
US National Park located in southwest Texas along the Mexican border
Capital of Azerbaijan
Seaport city in northeastern Spain and host of the 1992 Summer Olympic Games
Capital of China

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