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They had the privacy of their bedsheets/ And all the other kids were mostly in comas
Like distance don't equal rate and time no more
And I can't stand all the things that she sticks into her skin/ Like sharpened ballpoint pens and steel guitar strings
Think about what they did to Kennedy/ And then think about his security/ And then think about what they might try to do to you and me
The 80s almost killed me/ Let's not remember it quite so fondly
She got screwed up by religion/ She got screwed by soccer players
Gonna walk around and drink some more/ Gonna walk around and drink some more/ Gonna walk around Gonna walk around Gonna walk around and drink
Remember that night that we thought John Barryman could fly/ But he didn't so he died
One more calls while the other texts/ She's got boys on board and boys on deck
If she says we partied/ Then I'm pretty sure we partied/ I really don't remember/ I remember we departed from our bodies
How am I supposed to know if your high if you won't even dance
She said its nice to see you back in a bar band baby/ I said its nice to see you still in the bars
And the kids at the shows/ They'll have kids of their own/ The sing-along songs become our scriptures
She said the theme of the party was the industrial age/ And you came in dressed like a trainwreck
If one townie falls in a forest/ Can anyone hear it

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