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I think me, I want life, I think me I want a ____ and a wife
People are always chasing me down, trying to push my face to the ______
Pepperoni,____________, mushrooms, olives, chives
Why don't you ask the kids at ____________
Lives rearranged, and lives in my _____, can you see?
Pushing little children, with their fully-automatics, they like to push the ____ around.
_______ wedding rings, icicles stretching, bicycles, shoestrings.
A ______, a nun, lovers.
Fear waits, for us, when the present can't be sealed, away, ________, Now the dishes can be cleared.
I'm sitting in my room with a _______ in my hand
LyricsMissing Word(s)
When your stars are baked, and your _____ fly, do you ever believe you were stuck in the sky?
Your __________ of living gone, you ran the light at dawn
_________ loving men, all dwelling in the wells
Lie naked on the floor, and let the _______ go thru our souls.
Two _____, watching it all, fading
They lined up, ____________, but just one pogo stick
We're the ___________ of all genocide
So you want to see the ____
My ____ ____ rivets in exits
No ___________ in the air, no circumcisions on the chair.

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