Characters in the Gormenghast Series

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Can you name the Characters in the Gormenghast Series?

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DescriptionCharacterMore info
The reluctant heir to the throne of GormenghastHas purple eyes
The Earl of GormenghastIs obsessed with Owls
the Earl's wifeLikes her birds more than people
Personal Servant to the EarlTall and Quiet, loves the stones (of Gormenghast, not the band)
Kitchen boy who climbs the social ranks of the castleA real Machiavellian anti-hero
Demented twin sisters of the EarlLife in a sideways growing tree
Resident doctor of GormenghastEccentric and witty, with a distinct laugh
Head Chef of GormenghastRuns the kitchen with a (fat) iron fist
The doctor's sistera female 40-year-old virgin?
The second Master of Ritual of Gormenghastthe son of the first; hates most people

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