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Can you name the all of the artarded things about us?

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Preferred Snuggle Posish
First you crawl, then you walk, then you...
Lori Hume's Alter Ego
Best Phi Delt Party of Freshman Year
Your Freshman Dorm
Northern Minnasotans in one word:
Best Date Spot in Spokane (R.I.P.)
Best Sushi
Without you, I'd have ____ Everywhere :)
Your Favorite Aminal
The Aminal Hanging on my Bed
I am in love with:
Best Dessert at Papa Haydn
Sketchiest Hotel In Spokane
Best Snapple Flavor Freshman Year
Best/Somewhat Sketchiest View in Portland is from...
Voted Prettiest ____ In the World
The Country Best Represented by You and Minda
My Freshman Dorm
I had a crush on you in the

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