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Can you name the all of the artarded things about us?

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Voted Prettiest ____ In the World
Your Favorite Aminal
Best Date Spot in Spokane (R.I.P.)
Best/Somewhat Sketchiest View in Portland is from...
Best Phi Delt Party of Freshman Year
Best Snapple Flavor Freshman Year
The Country Best Represented by You and Minda
First you crawl, then you walk, then you...
Preferred Snuggle Posish
Sketchiest Hotel In Spokane
The Aminal Hanging on my Bed
Northern Minnasotans in one word:
My Freshman Dorm
I had a crush on you in the
Lori Hume's Alter Ego
I am in love with:
Your Freshman Dorm
Best Dessert at Papa Haydn
Best Sushi
Without you, I'd have ____ Everywhere :)

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