Senate Committee Chairmen and Ranking Members

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Senate CommitteeSenatorRank/Political Party
Agriculture, Nutrition & ForestryChairperson *
Agriculture, Nutrition & ForestryRanking member
AppropriationsChairperson *
AppropriationsRanking member
Armed ServicesChairperson *
Armed ServicesRanking member
Banking, Housing & Urban AffairsChairperson *
Banking, Housing & Urban AffairsRanking member
BudgetChairperson *
BudgetRanking member
Commerce, Science & TransportationChairperson *
Commerce, Science & TransportationRanking member
Energy & Natural ResourcesChairperson *
Energy & Natural ResourcesRanking member
Environment & Public WorksChairperson *
Environment & Public WorksRanking member
Senate CommitteeSenatorRank/Political Party
FinanceChairperson *
FinanceRanking member
Foreign RelationsChairperson *
Foreign RelationsRanking member
Health, Education, Labor & PensionsChairperson *
Health, Education, Labor & PensionsRanking member
Homeland Security & Government AffairsChairperson *
Homeland Security & Government AffairsRanking member
JudiciaryChairperson *
JudiciaryRanking member
Rules & AdministrationChairperson *
Rules & AdministrationRanking member
Small Business & EntrepreneurshipChairperson *
Small Business & EntrepreneurshipRanking member
Veteran AffairsChairperson *
Veteran AffairsRanking member

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