Unreal 1 Single Player Level File Names

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HintsLevel Names
Your first glimpses of a Skaarj
A body thrown from beyond a corner
The lights go out as you are trapped in a corridor
Explosive barrel placed dangerously close to a Skaarj with his back turned on you
Stick of six fires
Firing a huge harpoon gun
The shotgun from hell
The lift brought a friend
Where did all the green stuff go?
As the bridge lowers, two birds fly over you towards the Terraniux
My gun doesn't sound like thunder
What made this?.........Oh! That's big.
Skaarj dropping from the vents
These beams look a bit dangerous
I hope those blob things mind their own business
What the.......OH CRAP, TITAN!
Up, up, up, up, up.....swim, up, up, fight, up..........
HintsLevel Names
That's a long fall!
Is that a base?
Why is there a portal in a church?
Why is it so quiet............OOH, POWERUP!
How is this rail so stable
So I just have to walk across the warehouse? Ok
Where do these Krall keep coming from?!
Can't you make this boat go any faster
OOH, Gillotine!
What is that? Is it bad? Maybe if I shoot it.......
I hate bugs, especially when they jump from crates and start eating you.
What does killing a test subject have to do with unlocking a door?
I thought I killed that stinger dude just a moment ago!
Wow, first random Skaarj, then that big guy again
Maybe I should move out of the way.........
WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHER...........Oh, they're not in this room, they're just nearby
Huh! Wait, why am I going down a hole?!
This isn't as easy as it looks, is it?

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