Highest MLB Payroll since 1987

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Can you name the Highest MLB Payroll since 1990?

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2010$206,333,389 (2nd AL East)
2009$201,449,189 (1st AL East)
2008$207,896,789 (3rd AL East)
2007$206,659,045 (2nd AL East)
2006$194,663,079 (1st AL East)
2005$208,306,817 (1st AL East)
2004$184,193,950 (1st AL East)
2003$152,749,814 (1st AL East)
2002$125,928,583 (1st AL East)
2001$112,787,143 (1st AL East)
2000$93,113,260 (1st AL East)
1999$86,934,359 (1st AL East)
1998$72,525,634 (4th AL East)
1997$62,241,545 (2nd AL East)
1996$54,599,315 (2nd AL East)
1995$50,590,000 (5th AL East)
1994$49,383,513 (2nd NL East)
1993$47,279,166 (1st AL East)
1992$44,788,666 (1st AL East)
1991$36,999,167 (4th AL West)
1990$24,161,084 (6th AL West)
1989$21,071,562 (4th NL West)
1988$20,371,152 (5th AL East)
1987$19,457,714 (4th AL East)

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