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DescriptionNameJordan Number
They call 'em the OG's
Released just after MJ's final retirement, the original Black Mambas
Despite being banned by the NBA, MJ wore 'em and took the fines
For the first time, wearers could choose between zoom and encapsulated air suspensions
An eco-friendly design that reuses material from other shoes.
MJ won his first ring wearing these
This shoe gave his airness enough bounce to win his first slam dunk title
Modeled after MJ's signature Ferrari, he wore these to buzzer beat the Jazz
These J's sport a signature elephant print trim
Soles imitate a panther's paw, sides like a panther's pitted cheeks, and even a panther's hologram-like eye
Inspired by motorcycles has a strap over the center of the shoe
The sole features MJ's career accolades
DescriptionNameJordan Number
Boyz II Men and Bugs Bunny wore these
It was supposed to look like a space ship
MJ wore these as he made 'the shot' against the Cavs
Came with it's own CD and song
Part of the Alpha-Omega package, it was designed after the F-22 fighter jet
The first shoes to sport clear rubber soles
The Punisher
The sole shows symbols and languages from around the world
Also known as 'Hares' this shoe uses Nike Huarache Technology
The stitching on the soles is supposed to parallel italian dress shoes
Featured a patent leather removable shroud

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