High/Late Middle Ages (Berry Faith)

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main issue of the Great Schism
famous work of St. Thomas Aquinas
where St. Thomas Aquinas was educated
the real (Italian) pope during the Avignon Papacy
initiated the Papal Inquisition
St. Thomas Aquinas nickname
year of Great Schism
pope during the 4th Crusade
representative of the Eastern Church during the Great Schism
name of Aquinas' theological approach that used reason and revelation
also means 'inquiry'
excommunicated Michael Cerularius
saw material things as bad
about how long did the crusades last
the crusade that sacked Constantinople
the patriarch of Constantinople during the Great Schism
representative of the Western Church during the Great Schism
year of the start of the crusades
which pope moved the papal residence from Rome to Avignon, France
another name for 'monks'
1st Crusade, with an army of 15,000 pilgrims
period of time with 3 popes
year of the Papal Inquisition
what killed 1/3 of the population in Europe
who formally initiated the Crusades
these were given to the crusaders, it forgave their sins/take away punishment for sins
brought the papacy back to Rome
council that determined Martin V to be the new REAL pope
meaning of the word 'crusade'
the right for government officials to appoint church officials

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