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QuoteMissing wordClue
'I was aware only of ____ ___'Ouromov overlooks the level two computer programmer
Trevelyan: 'Closing time James.' Bond:' ___ __ _ ____'Trevelyan and Bond share some banter
'Who's strangling ___ ____'Bond isn't impressed by Valentine's mistress...
'She did always enjoy a good _____'Bond on Xenia's manner of death
'No, no, no, no more ________'Bond turns down Xenia with this quip
'If I want __________ Mr Tanner I'll talk to my children'M lays down the law
'I think you're a ________. A relic of the cold war'M reviews Bond's methods
'Shut the door Alec! _____ _ _____'More Bond banter to 006
'Shame that ____ ____ __ _____ didn't let you play it'Tanner is irritated at the chain of command
'In 48 hours you and I will have more money than _______'Too early for a hubristic celebration?
QuoteMissing wordClue
'Lovely girl, tastes like __________'Shame there was no cream for Janus
'Show me the ______'Bond meets Wade, but is he sure...
'Don't touch that, that's my _______'Q...
'James Bond, _____ Brit'Bond's sense of humour endears him to Wade
'He considers himself the new ____ _____ of Russia'M briefs Bond on Ouromov
'Use the ________ that's what it's for'In escaping the car comes in for a beating
'Beg your pardon, forgot to _____'007 at his most polite
'General ___________ Grigorovich Ouromov, head of Space Division'The main baddy enters to test the Severnaya facility
Alec Treve'No longer just an anonymous star on the memorial wall at MI6. What's the matter, James? No ___ remark? No ____ comeback?' Trevelyan taunts Bond
'_______ wouldn't know a woman if one sat on his head'A computer's revenge at the geeky sexist

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