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ColorCare BearTummy Symbol
TurquoiseShooting Star (with a Red Heart Inside) with a Rainbow Tail
Yellow-GreenNo Tummy Symbol / He Usually Draws One On
FuchsiaSunrise Inside a Violet Heart
BlueDark Rain Cloud with Rain Drops
LilacSmiling Heart-Shaped Hand Mirror
Baby BlueA Smiling Star Buddy Inside a Baby Blue Diaper Cloth
PeriwinkleSmiling Whirlwind
PinkHeart with Rainbow-Colored Beams of Light Radiating Out of it
PinkSmiling Heart Holding a Smiling Star
YellowSmiling Sun
BlueSleeping Cresent Moon
PinkTwo Intertwined Hearts with Yellow and Pink Outlines
WhiteRed, White and Blue Shooting Star
TurquoiseHeart Hiding Behind a Rainbow Cloud
PinkTwo Smiling Pink and Lavendar Intertwined Hearts
YellowCupcake with Candle
GreenFour Leaf Clover with Heart Shaped Petals
MagentaRed Heart-Shaped Padlock
Sky BluePink Rose with a Yellow Bow
Deep VioletPink Sleeping Crescent Moon on a Cloud with Hearts in the Background
BrownBig Red Heart with Pink Outline
ColorCare BearTummy Symbol
OrangeTwo Intertwined Smiling Flowers
Deep Violet (Formerly Light Blue)Colorful Jack-in-the-Box with a Star Popping Out
Sky BlueRainbow-Colored Musical Note Surrounded by Different Colored Hearts
OrangeAztec-Style Sun and Hearts
PinkA Smiling Star Buddy Inside a Pink Heart
Multi-ColoredArtist's Palette with Heart-Shaped Paints, Along with a Paintbrush
Watermelon PinkRed Teacher's Apple with a Heart Twinkle
Red-OrangeLaughing Yellow Star
PinkBrest Cancer Awareness Pink Ribbon
YellowOrange Star (with a Red & Yellow Border) with a Heart Inside Surrounded by 3 Smaller Stars
Bright RedYellow Megaphone with a Red Heart
PurpleTwo Heart-Shaped Lollipops
Royal Blue (Formerly Tan)Gold Trophy with a Red Star (Formerly a Red Heart)
Blue-GreenYellow Smiling Shooting Star
RedRed and White Concentric Heart
Sky BlueViolet Bouncing Ball with a Heart on it Followed by a Rainbow Trail
VioletSmiling Heart and Smiling Star Linked by a Rainbow
Yellow-GreenColorful Kite
Blue-Violet (Formerly Pink)Heart Shaped Saturn-like Planet with Stars Around It (Formerly Two Heart Shaped Balloons)
VioletSmiling Flower with Rainbow-Colored Petals
CreamMulti-Colored Star Radiating From a Central Heart

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