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Elaine can't go to Atlantic City with Jerry and George because she has to buy Mr. Pitt _______.
Who does Kramer knocked out at the fantasy camp?
Who is Elaine's and on-again off-again boyfriend?
What episode did they have to order correctly in order to get their soup?
What is the judges name that sentences them to jail?
The very first and last thing Jerry talks about on the show, was the placement of George's ________.
George works for what sports team?
Who does Kramer see at Dinky Donuts?
What does Morty Seinfeld think was stolen from him at the doctors office?
What kind of vehicle did Jerry buy his father?
Finish the quote... 'you can stuff your sorrys in a ______'
Jerry accidentally knocks what into the toilet before his girlfriend uses it
What's the 'other' coffee shop, that doesn't serve big salads or egg white omlets?
Who is Kramer's friend that you NEVER see on the show?
Who is Kramer's lawyer?
What does Vandelay Industries specialize in?
Kramer's first name
What does George bring with him in the bathroom that he is forced to buy?
What kind of candy does Kramer and Jerry accidentally drop inside the patient?
What law did the gang violate to get thrown in jail?
What was the problem with the alarm clock that caused Jean Paul Jean Paul miss the race the first time?
What virtually kills George's fiance?
What did Kramer have in his briefcase when we worked as a businessman?
Elaine wants her men to be ________ worthy.
What is George's fiances name?
Who won 'The Contest'?
Sue Ellen Mischke was the heiress to the ______________ candy bar.
What is the name of the Coffee Shop that the gang always goes to?
What Professional Baseball Player was on the show for two episodes that 'spit' on Kramer and Newman
What Publishing Company did Elaine work at?
Who does Kramer say 'the baby' looks like?
What is George's code for his debit card?
What is the actor's real name of 'the man in the cape'
Who is Jerry's neighbor that lives in 5E?

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