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Can you name the missing words from these Nancy Drew Titles?

Updated Nov 14, 2014

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TitleMissing WordOriginal Publishing Year
The Secret of the Old ____1930
The Hidden ____1930
The Bungalow ____1930
The Mystery at ____ Inn1930
The Secret of ____ Ranch1931
The Secret of ____ Gate Farm1931
The ____ in the Diary1932
Nancy's Mysterious ____1932
The Sign of the ____ Candles1933
The ____ to Larkspur Lane1933
The Clue of the Broken ____1934
The Message in the Hollow ____1935
The Mystery of the ____ Charm1936
The ____ Statue1937
The Haunted ____1937
The Clue of the ____ Heels1939
The Mystery of the ____-Bound Trunk1940
The Mystery at the Moss-Covered ____1941
The ____ of the Missing Map1942
The Clue in the ____ Box1943
The Secret in the ____ Attic1944
The Clue in the ____ Wall1945
The Mystery of the ____ Bell1946
The Clue in the Old ____1947
The ____ of Blackwood Hall1948
The Clue of the ____ Chimney1949
The Secret of the Wooden ____1950
The Clue of the ____ Keys1951
TitleMissing WordOriginal Publishing Year
The Mystery at the Ski ____1952
The Clue of the ____ Mask1953
The Ringmaster's ____1953
The Scarlet ____ Mystery1954
The Witch ____ Symbol1955
The ____ Window Mystery1956
The Haunted ____1957
The Secret of the Golden ____1959
The Clue in the Old ____1960
The Mystery of the ____ Dragon1961
The Clue of the Dancing ____1962
The Moonstone ____ Mystery1963
The Clue of the Whistling ____1964
The ____ of Pine Hill1965
The Mystery of the 99 ____1966
The Clue in the Crossword ____1967
The Spider ____ Mystery1968
The ____ Intruder1969
The ____ Mannequin1970
The ____ Banister1971
The Secret of ____ Bay1972
The ____ Jinx Mystery1973
Mystery of the ____ Eye1974
The Secret of the Forgotten ____1975
The ____ Phantom1976
The Strange Message in the ____ 1977
Mystery of ____ Island1978
The Thirteenth ____ 1979

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