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Can you name the right way of saying 'to become'?

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It came to be considered the most dangerous road in the neighbourhood
It is possible to get rich in the States
I have to get used to the idea
He became very popular
one day we could become friends
He's got fat recently
To grow old
To become an architect you need to know how to draw
the condition turned into a medical emergency
the caterpillar turns into a butterfly
He has become very aggresive
All of a sudden he went crazy
He has become boring
the sofa turns into a bed
I got sick in Madrid
Ana turns red when she talks
The day has turned grey
With this diet you've become very slim
it became property of the church
Julian has become impossible
She became a nun
I want you to make something of yourself
In winter it gets dark early
it has become a problem
it proved to be very useful

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