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to handicap/hamper
to take off (shoes etc)
to warn
to stumble/trip over/ bump into
to get under control/to tame
to get complicated
to supress
to spoil
to sound/ring (music/phone etc)
to reassure/ to comfort
to turn off
to carry
to catch/grab
to take over
to shatter/burst
to tell (a story)
to snatch/seize
to notice/realise
to annoy
to weaken
to abolish/revoke
to frighten off/ to dispel (doubts etc.)
to bully/harrass
to opose
to pretend/feign
to make worse/heighten (crisis, problem)
to fail (a business)
to fade/to faint
to amend
to move away from
to hold back/block (also to stagnate)
to sew
to ban
to stretch (body)
to fill up
to finish
to roll/ to tie up
to stockpile
to stay/remain
to injure/harm

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