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to saturate/block/burden
to make room
to wobble
to lean
to dye or stain
to scan/sweep
to bellow
to hide (money/drugs)
to surround
to crush
to relieve/ease/quell
to annoy/upset
to trample
to hurry
to challenge (authority/statistics)
to stun/bewilder
to moan
to wander
to curve
to slip
to demolish
to witness
to outline/define/surround
to beg
to predict
to burst
to drop
to sprinkle
to stumble/come up against (problem)
to soften
to burn
to stem from
to harden
to slide or to sink
to stop (someone from doing sth)
to muffle
to spark off
to grant/allow
to bend down/duck
to side-step/dodge
to overwhelm/exhaust/annihilate
to sew
to praise
to scare

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