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he responds
he responded (passé composé)
he responded (passé simple)
he complains
he complained (passé composé)
he complained (passé simple)
she knows (connaître)
she knew (passé composé)
she knew (passé simple)
they know (connaître)
they knew (imparfait)
they knew (passé simple)
they go
they went (passé composé)
they went (passé simple)
he goes
he went (imparfait)
he went (passé simple)
he goes down
he went down (passé composé)
he went down (passé simple)
it shows that
it showed that
they show that
she smiles
she smiled (passé composé)
she smiled (passé simple)
she cries
she cried (passé composé)
she cried (passé simple)
he becomes
he became (passé composé)
he became (passé simple)
he allows
he allowed (passé simple)
he allowed (imparfait)
they admit
they admitted (passé composé)
they admitted (passé simple)
he waits
he waited (passé simple)
he waited (passé composé)
he expects
he expected (passé simple)
he expected (passe composé)
it shines
it shone (imparfait)

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