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Rambo, First blood was...boyscout.
the quickest way chuck norris' fist.
dinosaurs went extinct by....
mr. T once beat chuck norris in Paper scissors rock, so Chuck Norris....
chuck norris doesn't...he defeats them
the symbol for chuck norris in sign language is...on fire.
chuck norris can run so fast he can kick himself...of the head
chuck norris blew up the... because he leaves no challengers alive.
beginning of phraserest of phraseend of phrase
A man one stabbed chuck norris and...bled to DEATH!
only 3 things will survive the apocalypse, cockroaches, chuck norris, and .
A cobra once bit Chuck norris' leg, and after 5 days of suffering...died.
guns don't...does
the...checks his closet every night for chuck norris.
a handicap parking sign doesn't always mean it's for handicap people, it also means it's chuck norris' parking spot and you could....
Chuck Norris' last option is...only option

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