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Can you name the actor or actress who provided the voice for each animated Disney movie character?

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CharacterActorFilm in which the Character Appeared
Winnie the PoohThe Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
EsmereldaHunchback of Notre Dame
Mrs. PottsBeauty and the Beast
Dory Finding Nemo
QuasimodoHunchback of Notre Dame
ArielThe Little Mermaid
Robin HoodRobin Hood
Ursula the Sea WitchThe Little Mermaid
YzmaThe Emperor's New Groove
MarlinFinding Nemo
James P. 'Sulley' SullivanMonsters, Inc.
Shelby ForthrightWALL-E
Lightning McQueenCars
Mr. Potato HeadToy Story
King LouieThe Jungle Book
OliverOliver and Company
Prince John/King RichardRobin Hood
John SmithPocahontas
BernardThe Rescuers
Helen Parr/Elastigirl/Mrs. IncredibleThe Incredibles
CharacterActorFilm in which the Character Appeared
Doc HudsonCars
Bob Parr/Mr. IncredibleThe Incredibles
EudoraThe Princess and the Frog
Auguste GusteauRatatouille
Adult SimbaThe Lion King
Emperor KuzcoThe Emperor's New Groove
LumiereBeauty and the Beast
Shere KhanThe Jungle Book
Charles F. MuntzUp
FlikA Bug's Life
Michael 'Mike' WazowskiMonsters, Inc.
Jiminy CricketPinocchio
The GenieAladdin
Miss BiancaThe Rescuers
HammToy Story
Snow WhiteSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs
MufasaThe Lion King
The Mad HatterAlice in Wonderland
Captain B. McCreaWALL-E
HopperA Bug's Life
TianaThe Princess and the Frog
FaginOliver and Company

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