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VerseMissing lyric
Best livin nor' dead hands _____ huh.
Less talk more _____ right now huh
And my _____ more red than devil's is
and im bout to take it to another level ______
aint nobody ______ as this
do da rap and da _____
triple double no ________
and my only focus is stayin on some _______ ****
argue with my ________ bitch actin like i owe her ****
I heard ya______ sayin raps a get track mayne
bought the _______ that always give me back pain
fuckin up my money so yea i had to act _____
chi **** but these _____ llove my accent
she came up to me and said this the number __ now if you wanna make it number 1 your number 2 now
VerseMissing lyric
this the ______ in malibu i call it malibooya
god dam ______ how you hit em with a new style
throw that mother **** well whatcha gonna do now, whatever i wanna do ________ its cool now
nah gonna do, ahh its a new _______
think yo mutha fucka really _______ needa cool down
cuz you would neva get on top of this so mommy best _______ is just to get on top of this
have ya ever had sex with a ________
I put the pussy in a __________
now she claiming that i bruised her _______
head of the class and she just want a _________
Im livin in the future so the presence is my _________
my presence is a ________
_______ my ass

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