British Chocolate Bars

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Can you name the British chocolate bars from the description??

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DescriptionChocolate BarSlogan
Creamy milk based chocolate
Shortcake biscuit topped with chewy caramel and encased in milk chocolate
Finger chocolate covered wafer
Balls of malt covered in a creamy milk chocolate
Nougat, caramel and crunchy peanuts encased in milk chocolate
Soft and fluffy nougat covered in chocolate
Velvety milk chocolate with a caramel centre
Crumbly milk chocolate
Coconut creme encased in chocolate
Classic dark chocolate
DescriptionChocolate BarSlogan
Nougat and caramel in chocolate
Wafer, nougat and caramel stacked twice in chocolate
Velvety chocolate encased in a hard sugar shell
A collection of unkown chocolates
Classic white chocolate
Small chocolate bar in a froggy shape
Hard chewy caramel in chocolate
Caramel and rice crispies in chocolate
Wafer and hazlenut creme encased in a twin chocolate bar
A milky creme, rice crispies, wafer and caramel in chocolate

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