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What four cities was MBS located in?
First commercial lasted how long?
Two radio channels set aside by Department of Commerce to receive radio broadcasts
first station to air a regular broadcast schedule
Who owned the early radio stations?
Who was the first commercial made for?
What was the first major broadcast network called
Devised the act of transferring sound without wires
Who owned WEAF?
ActPerson/Network/CityOther stuff
What network was launched in 1928 with 16 stations?
What city aired the first football game in 1923?
What did Edward J. Noble establish in 1945?
What system was launched in 1934?
Who established the first major broadcast network?
Who did NBC have to sell part of its network to?
Who forced NBC to sell part of its network?
What were some of the first events to be broadcast?
Mass produced Marconi's idea

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