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Uncontrollable desire to pull out one's hair
Sudden and unpredictable aggressive outbursts
Consumption of a substance that causes significant problems in one's life
Mixture of psychotic symptoms combined with mood disorder
Seemingly unceasing wide variety of symptoms and complaints dominating an individual's life
Adoption of one or more alternative personalities
Continuous pattern of holding unrealistically high opinion of oneself
Sexual arousal occurs almost exclusively in the presence of inappropriate object
Repeated awakenings with detailed recollection of frightening dream
Anxiety focused on avoiding intrusive 'bad' thoughts or on the thought of not performing a specific action
Consumption of a substance to the point that one develops significant tolerance to it and there are withdrawal symptoms associated with it
Uncontrollable desire to set fires
Presence of both hypomanic episodes and periods of depressive symptoms not meeting the criteria for a major depressive episode
Significant disparity between intellectual performance and expected performance based on intelligence and background
Prevalent negative psychotic symptoms (inhibiting cognitive functioning)
Persistent beliefs that are clearly contrary to reality in the absence of other psychotic symptoms
Severe weight loss due to inappropriate eating
Psychological factors playing a significant role in the experience of physical suffering
Physical breathing disruption affecting sleep
Anxiety focused on next panic attack
Sexual gratification achieved by observing unsuspecting strangers naked or undressing
Out-of-control eating not coupled with weight gain avoidance
Low or non-existant sexual desire
Inability to initiate or maintain sleep
Experiencing schizophrenia for less than 6 months
Inability to remember events or information from a specific time
Sexual arousal focused on prepubescent or young children
Recurrent awakenings with intense fear and disorientation
Inability to synchronies sleep patterns with day and night
Anxiety focused on minor, everyday events
Continuous pattern of fixation on things being done in a certain way
Sexual gratification achieved through exposing one's genitals to strangers
Severe regression of language, adaptive or motor skills after a 2 to 4 year period of normal development
Uncontrollable desire to steal objects not needed for their material value
Dissatisfaction with one's physical sex and feeling that one is the opposite gender
Sexual arousal associated with being subjected to pain or humiliation
Continuous pattern of relying on others to make decisions and an unreasonable fear of abandondment
Anxiety over the belief that one is seriously ill based on perceived symptoms
Physical malfunction with no apparent medical cause
Sudden and irresistible sleep attacks
Out-of-control binge eating coupled with inappropriate attempts to prevent weight gain
Gradual deterioration of a range of cognitive functions
Continuous pattern of unstable moods and emotions
Continuous pattern of extreme sensitivity to the opinions of others leading to an avoidance of social interaction
Continuous pattern of overdramatic behavior (almost seems like acting)
Continuous pattern of breaking social norms and apathy towards others
Continuous pattern of odd behavior and social isolation
Excessive tiredness or need for sleep
Obsessive preoccupation with an imagined defect with one's body
Loss of sense of personal and/or external reality
Schizophrenia with unusual motor responses
Consistently low mood for at least 2 years
Pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity
Temporary state of confusion
Impairment of social interaction and communication with restrictive behavior or interest
Sexual arousal and gratification achieved through close contact with stangers
Unbearable pain associated with sex
Feelings of depressed mood or loss of interest in pleasure (+a minimum of 5 total symptoms) for a period of 2 weeks
Inability to recall recent or passed events
Positive psychotic symptoms without the loss of broad cognitive skills
Distinct period of abnormally elevated, energetic or irritable mood for 1 week or more
Anxiety focused on specific object or situation
Anxiety focused on avoiding thoughts and images of a past trauma
Sexual arousal associated with inflicting pain or humiliation
Significantly sub average intellectual functioning, concurrent deficits of adaptive functioning with onset before age 18
Uncontrollable desire to gamble
One or more positive Psychotic symptoms over less than a month
Anxiety focused on being around others or some kind of performance in front of others
Continuous pattern of excessive mistrust towards people
Impairment of social interaction with restricted behaviors and interests, but without impairment of communication
Memory loss combined with an unexpected trip
Continuous pattern of detachment and limited emotional response to stimuli
Inability to remember any information about one's life

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